Our Mission

Those who choose us are able to make informed choices

Our mission.

Often, when we talk about plastic, we are accused of “being biased”. We at The IES Group have been involved in expanded plastics for years, and have decades of experience in this field, but transparency and honesty are among our core values.

For this reason, even if we work with plastic, we do not want to push people to forced choices, without having a clear idea of their needs. Our customers are in a position to make reasoned choices and not based on the current fashions.

We print plastic to save the planet

Any material has its usefulness, the important thing is to be aware of it and be aware of the consequences of our choices. This is the principle that also guides us in communication. This is the criterion that guides us in our mission that states: “We print plastic to save the planet”.
A motto which, at first reading, may seem daring, but which is more corresponding to the truth than one might think. Our commitment to the creation of that circular economy and that sustainability that we talk about so much, is real and also passes from here.

We recover plastic from our seas and oceans and mould it again, giving it new dignity and new form, in full respect of the environment in which we live and that we want to leave to future generations.

And we do it, moved by our values! Which ones? Here they are!