Discovering EPP

Known as expanded polypropylene, it is a plastic material with multiple properties, lightweight, ecological and suitable in different sectors, with these characteristics:
  • recyclable;
  • provides excellent performance in terms of strength and elastic memory;
  • absorbs repeated shocks, regaining its initial form;
  • lasts over time;
  • has low thermal conductivity;
  • does not absorb water;
  • has high compressive strength and dimensional stability;
  • it resists high temperatures (120º C), chemical agents (solvents and oils) and environmental factors;
  • is by far the most environmentally friendly and versatile foam material: no expanding gases are used but only air is used;
  • available in several colours.
EPP, fabolous material: where to find it?

The interest for EPP is constantly increasing, thanks to its excellent properties that make it suitable in various contexts. We received many requests, also due to the possibility on our part to mould many materials. In addition, thanks to the uniqueness of our presses, we can satisfy every need.

Due to the currently limited availability and the constantly increasing prices of plastics, the time frame of the requests is likely to increase.

To have priority, contact us here, leaving your name and explaining your needs. You will receive our documentation with the case history of companies who have relied on us and an in-depth analysis of the material.

At this delicate moment, we decided to help companies in difficulty, offering a free first consultation with our technicians. Don’t miss this opportunity!