Security & Sport


Motorbike helmets

In order to conform with the various legal requirements, different products with unique features have been created:

  • high density helmets
  • helmets with stratified densities
  • helmets with varying density
  • helmets with crust
  • helmets made with liner and shell
  • chin guards

To improve shock absorbance, together with our raw material producer we have developed new materials with improved shock impact performance. To guarantee the correct density we have patented systems of control and in our  raw material selection. To improve the material fusion we fine-tuned dedicated production.

We have an automatic weighing system (every helmet is weighed and labelled with its  compliance, otherwise it is discarded). Our R&D department is continually working on new solutions and materials.

Bike helmets

IES develop helmets for bikes.

Ski helmets

Our ski helmets have very distinctive features:

  • In mould manufacture (from 300 to 340 grammes),
  • 2, 4 or 7 air intake
  • adjustable size system
  • removable ear pad
  • ski goggles holder with quick removal system
  • washable and removable velvet inside with anti scratch decoration
  • comfort pad
  • ventilation system
  • possibility of complete assembly

With our technologies we also produce helmets for the mountaineering, security and military sectors.